Terralift is a patented system that represents a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of problems with your septic system – including compaction, saturation and improper drainage almost immediately.  Terralift does not use chemicals, and will not pollute your property.  It does not disturb your lawn. The alternative to Terralift is the installation of a new leach field which can be expensive and time consuming.

Terralift has many benefits as it can bring renewed life for old or underperforming leach fields.


How it works:

  1. A long probe is inserted 3 to 6 feet into the ground via an integral pneumatic hammer.
  2. Forced air is pumped into the ground, opening pathways in the soil so it can breathe.
  3. The pathways are then filled with polystyrene pellets to prevent the new pathways from closing, and creating lasting passages for drainage.
terralift machine
how terralift works