Once your septic plans are ready to go, we’ll begin installing your new system. We have been installing Commercial and Residential Septic Tank and Septic Wastewater Treatment Systems for over 10 years, and we have the skills, knowledge, and experience to do the job right.

A Septic System is composed of three parts:

  1. Septic tank – the septic tank serves to treat and break-down the sewage.
  2. Leach Fields – the leach fields are the drainage channels running away from the septic tank.
  3. Disposal – The area of ground where the treated sewage is drained into the soil.

A good septic system design will carefully consider each component.  Avoid all the pitfalls and common mistakes, if you want it done right than you need it done by an expert.

There are 3 types of residential septic systems.

  • The Conventional Septic System. A conventional septic system uses gravity to move household water and sewage into the septic tank.  Inside the septic tank, the solid wastes settle to the bottom of the tank, while the liquid wastes rise to the top.  Natural bacteria break the solid waste over time.   When the waste rises to the outlet pipe, the liquid waste flows to the drain fields.
  • The Alternative Septic System. An alternative septic system collects water and sewage into the tank the same way a conventional septic system does, but it breaks down the waste using oxygen instead of naturally occurring bacteria. Drain fields need less land and they do release cleaner wastewater.
  • The Engineered Septic System. Engineered septic systems are a bit more complex that the other 2 systems, and are generally needed due to poor soil or the home being on an uphill slope. Engineered septic systems collect and separate waste in a tank.  But instead of relying on gravity, the liquid waste needs to be pumped into the leach field.

A Residential septic tank can be made of different types of materials.  The two most common are concrete tanks, and plastic tanks.  Metal or steel tanks are not normally installed any longer because they are susceptible to rust.

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